Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Latest from Rachel!

Dominating Anna:
A Fantasy Fulfilled Novella

And restrained.

Anna Tompkins craves pain. No, scratch that. Anna is terrified of being hurt, but she wants to get over that weakness, and what better way than to hire the best in the business? Zee Montaug has made a name for himself as an operator with Fantasy Fulfilled. He hurts women so deliciously they come back to see him, over and over. Anna, though, is different. What does it mean if Zee wants to make her feel good after the session is over? And can Anna learn to trust someone while naked and bound in public?

Timid Anna must learn that only by allowing herself to submit to Zee's dominance will she learn true courage.

Not your mother's Fifty Shades! 
Dominating Anna is hardcore erotic public disgrace and BDSM. Fantasy Fulfilled trips are not for the faint of heart. They're only for the ones who are ready to make their dreams come true.

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