Saturday, February 23, 2013

Nikki Haze!

Please join me in welcoming a guest blog post from the darling Nikki Haze. I just finished reading Sex Games: Chosen, and GOOD LORD. I'm still panting. She writes well, and darlin', she writes HOT. Don't miss her. 

What inspires your erotica? 

I write about outrageously debauched and decadent characters, places and situations;  Infamous Sexy DJs, Secret Sex Fraternity, Billionaire & Supermodel... the list goes on.  So I'd have to say fantasy is my primary inspiration.  I think writing erotica allows me to dive deeper into my own sexual desires as I'm often exploring scenarios I may not have experienced first hand.  The energy and passion of my own sexual encounters fuels me and always seeps into the work somehow.  Plus, being that I'm a psychotherapist I'm very skilled at getting my friends to spill on their sexual exploits!

What are you working on now? 
I've had an extremely productive few weeks!  I suspect it's partially due to the fact that I'm avoiding working on my Contemporary Romance novel.  At least it's a productive form of procrastination :)

Right now I have two new series that I'm very excited to share with you:

Sex Games: Chosen is available now on Amazon.  Chosen is the first in The Sex Games series, which I expect to be long-running with 9 planned follow-ups.  It's extremely debauched and emotionally charged with all menage and some light BDSM and F/F themes.  Elita is CHOSEN by a secret, exclusive sex fraternity.  Chosen is the story of Elita's initiation onto The Games.  ExpectSex Games 2: Go Deeper out today or tomorrow :)

Excerpt of SEX GAMES: CHOSEN “Oh, my god,” Elita moaned against Claire’s cunt. It was so sexy; watching Zack’s cock slam into Claire, her pussy spread open to accommodate his girth. Elita leaned down and began licking Zack’s cock on the out thrust and lapped upwards to Claire’s clit when he slammed in, again and again. 
“Kids, we have a special one here."  Zack moaned the words as he reached down to stroke Elita’s hair in approval.  

Sexy DJ: Grey Haze is the first in the Sexy DJ serial.  This is also going to be a long-running series that follows a clan of wild, sexy and disinhibited female DJs, trained by none other than Nikki haze (yup, I've inserted myself into the back story!).  These are quick and dirty reads that all take place in a club.  Grey is a gorgeous exhibitionist who likes to get wild and covered in cum, which is just a typical night for the Haze girls.  Sexy DJ: Redd Haze is out now, and you can expect Indigo Haze and Redd and Grey Ignite (menage) out before this weekend!


Grey loved putting on a show, attention was her drug of choice.  She'd never taken her exhibitionism this far.  She found the prospect of fucking Brody under a spotlight to the probing eyes of a thousand people who worshipped her to be incredibly hot. 

What is the sexiest thing you've ever worn?

Outside of the bedroom?  Okay, this is telling.  In College I was OBSESSED with Christina Aguilera circa Dirrty.  I had my nose pierced at the time, too.  I was spray tanned in a 4 inch skirt with panties that said "X-tina" on the ass.  The top was nothing more than a black push-up bra and a see-through mesh crop top.  Oh!  and there were fingerless leather gloves.  I looked pretty hot.  I couldn't find a picture for you, though!  

Please follow Nikki on twitter @NikkiHazeFeverand check out her other hot reads HERE.  Don't forget to head over to her BLOG for her Rachel Nixx feature! This is a blog swap after all :) 

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